Shipping & Deliveries

  • With which transport companies you are working with?
  • Transport companies which Grama cooperates are:

    1. Geniki Taxydromiki (2310 566321)
    2. ACS (2310 251604)
    3. Speedex (2310 752020)

    Free for orders in Greece otherwise shipping costs 9.00 €

  • In how long do I receive my order and at what cost?
  • The receipt of your order is between 3-5 working days and you do not bound by the shipping cost.

  • Can I track the progress of my order?
  • Yes after log in first on our website and you have made a purchase.

  • The delivery of my order has been delayed. What should I do?
  • If delivery is delayed for more than expected specified time, you should contact us by e-mail to and we will proceed to solve the problem.

  • What happens if I absent during the delivery of my order?
  • If the goods arrive at their destination and you are absent, then the transport company that has undertake the delivery, will try 2 more times in the next few working days, so you can have your order. In case the delivery fails, then your order will be automatically returned to us where we can communicate with you again.

  • Is the VAT included in the price?
  • The VAT of the products is included in the price shown.